• Xian. China
  • 100.000 m2
  • 2019

Propuesta general

Taking into consideration the importance of the Silk Road in the city as a place for economical and cultural exchange, the new train station is presented as a new end of this path, transforming it into a place for exchange, a place where things happen and sensations are experienced, not as a mere place of passage or waiting. For this end, the hall and the courtyard, characteristic elements of traditional Chinese architecture, will be the main features of the design, as they will be in charge of presenting the newly created image of the city to the rest of the world, in addition to the extensive proposed program and more functions added: off ices, shops, hotel, bus station.

Esquema de propuesta

Chinese garden stands out thanks to its fluidity, for breaking the symmetry of the building and the conjunction of the three basic elements that compose it: vegetation, water and rocks; these last ones symbolize balance, while
water is the main element, that through its waterfalls it introduces sound and movement into the building; necessary to perceive the harmony of the place, a duality of opposites –ying-yang–, proper of Taoism and life.

Upp garden

It is thanks to the balance that the Chinese garden brings and the importance of nature in Chinese culture, the fusion between both these elements, balance and nature, we define the void, the fi& h element, characterized for
being the result of the union between experience and people, and therefore the articulating element of the proposal, where every function will have a sensorial void attached.

Sec A
Sec B
Sec C
0.50 m
5.00 m
9.50 m
14.50 m
18.50 m

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